The Optokey technology opens up new possibilities for spectroscopic analysis.

It is ideally suited for use in many existing LC-MS/MS high-volume applications as well as enabling entirely new opportunities. The new technology will become the preferred method of performing many high volume, high resolution analyses for chemical and biochemical applications as well as becoming an important clinical tool.

The Company’s new technology will replace the slower, more expensive LC-MS/MS (or HPLC-MS) and other methods as the analytical chemistry technique of choice for routine detection and identification of specific dangerous or illegal compounds in the presence of everyday products.

Typical applications also include quality control and trace element analysis of incoming raw materials, analysis for contamination, adulteration, and counterfeiting, regulatory monitoring, and many other large-scale applications.

Taken together the total addressable markets exceed multi-billions of dollars.

The following markets are targeted applications for the proprietary Optokey Technology:
  Government Agencies for Monitoring and Regulatory Testing
  Food Processors for Food Safety
  Chemical Industry for Process and Quality Control
  Pharmaceutical Industries to identify contamination and adulterants
  Environmental Monitoring for contaminants in water, air, and soils
  Consumer Products to identify adulterants and contaminants
  Medical Diagnosis to perform very small sample volume, non-destructive and safe analysis of suspicious tissues, micro-organisms, cholesterol, proteins, nucleic acids, and fatty acids, among others.